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The Revelation

The time: early June, 2004.
The place: Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Some members of the Three Rivers Quilters, Inc. guild were staffing an informational table at the festival, demonstrating quilt making and talking with festival visitors about quilting. They fielded such comments and questions as

  • "I didn't know that people still did quilting any more."
  • "When is the next quilt show in my area?"
  • "Can I buy that quilt that's on display? Where can I buy one like it?"
  • "I quilt all by myself. How can I find other quilters near me?"
  • "I'd like to learn how to (fill in the blank) quilt, piece, applique. Where can I find somebody to teach me?"
The more the quilters heard questions like these, the more they felt that there was a need in southwestern Pennsylvania for an umbrella group that would collect all types of information on quilting and quiltmakers and disseminate it. Patty Schreiber organized a meeting of quilters to discuss the possibilities. Thus was born QuiltPittsburgh.org.

QuiltPittsburgh.org's first steering committee -- including Patty Schreiber, Sue Cook, Anabeth Dollins, Lori Kasenter, Linda Knorr, Pat Matthews, and Karen Zemba -- met in mid-June of 2004. Gerry Benton was contacted by phone and agreed to participate on her side of town. Pittsburgh's quilting network was under way.

Local quilters have sponsored and volunteered to sponsor Gatherings (meetings for all interested area quilters).

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